Pre-Congress Workshops

The access to the Pre-Congress Workshops is free for all registered participants.

Following the highly popular EurAsia Academy event a few months ago, a pre-congress ECDP2024 workshop will take place on June 5th, 2024, titled: “EurAsia Academy Follow-Up”. With presentations by Mar Iglesias, Aaron Han, Chan Kwon Jung and Nasir Rajpoot, this event will be moderated by Vincenzo L'Imperio and Vincenzo Della Mea. You can register to watch this session online here:

Laszlo Igali, MD
Jordi Temprana, MD
Simona Gurzu, MD, PhD
Béla Molnár, MD

Join us at the European Congress for Digital Pathology for an exclusive event designed to revolutionize your pathology workflows: "From Zero to Hero: Hands-on Workshop in Digital Pathology." Hosted by Callum Arthurs, Product Manager at Hamamatsu Photonics UK, and Corina Turner, Head of Marketing & Communications at Smart In Media, this session is tailored for pathologists and AI enthusiasts in medical imaging. You'll learn the essential steps for transitioning from analog to Digital Pathology workflows to speed up and precise your diagnostics. Find out why you should involve your entire team, including IT and finance, early on in your journey into digital pathology, how to optimally prepare the acquisition as well as the "Go Live" and which tips and tricks the world's leading scanning professionals are happy to pass on. Discover how AI modules and remote working capabilities can enhance accuracy and workflow efficiency. Experience live demonstrations with two state-of-the-art scanners from Hamamatsu, and get the chance to test them yourself. Don't miss this opportunity to gain practical insights and advance your knowledge in digital pathology